Hi, I’m Adam Davis & I am an author, motivational speaker, and coach. 

In 2009, on the birthday for my oldest son, I was fired from my job as a supervisor at a small pest control company. It hurt. It hurt my pride, but most of all, it caused me to take an inventory of who I was as a man. I was a husband to a wonderful wife, a father of two beautiful children, and we were expecting our third child within a few short months.

I didn’t sit around and beg for people to help me. I had a few good men help me get my focus, and I feel obligated to do the same to other men today. You see, sometimes, we need to redefine our “True North” in life. Sometimes, our dreams do die. Sometimes, we have to bury them so we can walk into the best God has for us, and that is just what I did.


In the fall of 2009, I was sworn in as a law enforcement officer. I vowed to myself I would never look back. You see, my father has owned a small business for over four decades, and he has been successful. My step-dad has been a pastor for over three decades, and he has been successful. But I saw the difficulties both of those men faced and I vowed I would never walk in their shoes. I vowed I would retire as a law enforcement officer. Over my six year career in law enforcement, I served in patrol, both on day shift and night shift, in traffic homicide, in criminal investigations, as a hostage negotiator, and as a criminal intelligence analyst. In 2015, I self-published a short devotional for law enforcement. That would prove to be a pivotal turning point in my life.


As a law enforcement officer, I began working towards a college degree. Shortly after self-publishing my first book, Spirit & Truth: 52 Encouraging Messages for America’s Law Enforcement, and after much prayer with my wife, we both knew God was calling us in a different direction. In September 2015, I resigned from my position in law enforcement and shifted my focus to operating my small business and writing, and in May 2016, became a first generation college graduate.

In March 2017, I signed my first traditional book publishing contract with BroadStreet Publishing to write Behind the Badge: 365 Daily Devotions for America’s Law Enforcement (Scheduled for Release May 2018.)

To some, this seems like a big mess. But to me, I look back and see how God was orchestrating every step of my life, even when I couldn’t understand it or see it. And that is just what I share with your audience, the fact each person has a gift, a skill, a talent, a purpose, to flourish where they are, to become who they were created to be in life.

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You’ve got a purpose. You’ve got a destiny. There’s more to this life than you see!