5 Lessons For Your Journey to Purpose 

On our path to purpose, we often ignore the possibility for setback. When we attempt to operate in our own strength and fail to depend on the Spirit of God as our Guide and Power, we face disappointment. But, if we find ourselves in a place of discouragement, setback, or disappointment, it’s not too late to go to the Father open-handed and surrender, asking for Him to take over, to guide and restore. He will deliver you from the pit if you will have faith enough to surrender it all to Him! Setback isn’t the end! Disappointment isn’t the destiny of God for your life! He will open the windows of Heaven and pour out His blessings on you when you release your circumstances into the hand of God. There’s a great story we can pull valuable lessons from in the Old Testament when we read about Joseph and the story of his brothers. 

What were the keys to Joseph’s success in the face of setback and adversity? 

Here are a few that I pulled from this story: 

Gave out of his place of need 

Joseph was sentenced to prison based on false accusations by Potiphar’s wife. In prison, Joseph served those who were in prison with him. Where you are in life may not be where you want to be, but giving out of your place of need will play a key role in not only freedom from your circumstances, but also your future promotion. (See Genesis 39)

Relied on the Spirit of God 

It doesn’t matter what you are going through in life, when you are led by the Spirit of God, living a Spirit-Filled life, even your biggest enemy will recognize God’s fingerprint on your life. We can do all the work in the world, but without the leading of God’s Spirit, we will fall short. (See Genesis 41)

A man of character

The Bible tells us that Joseph was “handsome” so it should be no surprise that Potiphar’s wife wanted him to get in bed with her. She approached him, not once, but twice, and he refused. Joseph was given the opportunity to have sex with Potiphar’s wife, but he refused. (See Genesis 39:7-16)

He was patient

Based on commentary and reading, Joseph was a slave for over ten years and in prison for around two years (for a crime he did not commit.) Not once, according to the Word, did Joseph reach out and try to fix things on his own accord and will. There are times in life when our biggest act of obedience is being still and letting God do His work. 

Favored by God

God’s favor isn’t just given. There’s a process and a path, and the road to His favor is named obedience. When we live Spirit-Led, obey God’s commands and His leading, and seek His ways above our own, we will find the unwavering, unmatched favor of God. 

Today, you may find yourself facing setbacks and disappointments. Things look like God has taken His hand off of your life, but you need to know that He has not taken His hand off of your life, but He has positioned you for promotion, for victory, and the miraculous. When your breakthrough comes now, there will be no doubt it was God’s hand on your life, and even the unbeliever will proclaim His praise for what God has done in your life! 

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