Maybe you are reading this and you are not an Alabamian. If so, carry on, or read, whatever you want to do. It’s your decision. Unfortunately, our decisions in Alabama aren’t that easy. Seriously. From football to politics, where your “mama an’ ’em”  want to go to church, where we are going to eat, difficult decisions abound. With that being said, we’ve moved Christmas day to December 12th this year. Why, you ask? 


It’s the day we no longer have to hear the bickering between two political parties, and, oh, yeah, let’s not forget the rest of the country that wants to voice their opinion about what happens in Alabama politics too (Just Google “Jimmy Kimmel Roy More”, you’re welcome.) Meanwhile, we stick some poor soul in front of a camera who will vehemently, and unequivocally defend someone based on their perceived character, or, vehemently and unequivocally defend their stance on the opposing party. 

The result? A state more divided than Iron Bowl Saturday. We’ve got folks blocking “friends” because of political disagreements, disagreements over football, tensions are high I tell ya. 

What we have here, my fellow Alabamians, is a failure to engage with reason and common sense. On a side note, I am not sure why they attach “common” to common sense seeing as it ain’t that common. These are tumultuous times in the Yellowhammer State. Anywhere you look there’s a solid solution to all of this, namely on Sunday morning in the six billion (exaggeration) churches we have, the number of sermons we listen to, but I digress. 

So let me talk straight here for a moment. Let’s suppose two people are in the same room and those two people have opinions and beliefs that are polar opposites. There’s a few ways that encounter can conclude: 

  • With the ever passive “Bless your heart” which is, if you’re not away,  a southern way of calling someone an idiot. 
  • A fist fight. not uncommon. 
  • A permanent ban from the family holiday gatherings. 
  • An arrest. Also, not uncommon. 
  • An amicable, adult, and educated discussion, and,, wait for it, agreeing to disagree. 

Believe it or not, we actually can have different opinions without sounding like little Johnny on the 3rd grade playground and calling each other names. Grow up. Blocking people on social media because of their political beliefs or God forbid, their choice in college football teams, is a sign of deep rooted societal issues we fail to address. I can’t tell you the number of times I have chosen to keep my mouth shut and not engage in a debate of some sort. No, I am not a coward, but what good are we doing if, in the process of a dang election, we destroy any of our relationships? What good does it profit us to attempt to sway anyone or debate? None.

It’s been said more than once, but I believe it bears mentioning here: Choose your battles wisely. 

And all I want for Christmas this year is the Alabama Senate race to be over and on December 12, 2017, it will be. Yes, I am aware the chances of us having different political, religious, and football opinions are likely, but, guess what, it’s ok. We can still be friends. 

If you are an Alabamian, vote on December 12, 2017. Vote for one of the candidates, write one in, whatever you like, but by all means, educate yourselves on the candidates and vote. Please use more reasoning than just their party affiliation. 

Enough of that mess. Two weeks and, hallelujah, it’s over. Remember, you can block them on social media, but you still have to see them at family holiday get togethers, Is it really that big of a deal, to ruin relationships? I will help you: No, it’s not. 

Merry Christmas, Roll Tide, and God Bless Alabama. 

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Image Credit: Shutterstock (Licensed)