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Survival Tips for Writers

Do you want to write? Do you want to publish a book? Secrets to being successful (OR JUST SURVIVING) as a writer: 1. LONGSUFFERING-Have the patience of Job. You can self-publish relatively quickly, but if you suck, you will never get a book...

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Dear Alabamians, Christmas Comes Early This Year

Maybe you are reading this and you are not an Alabamian. If so, carry on, or read, whatever you want to do. It's your decision. Unfortunately, our decisions in Alabama aren't that easy. Seriously. From football to politics, where your "mama an' 'em"  want to go to...

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From the Pit to the Palace

5 Lessons For Your Journey to Purpose  On our path to purpose, we often ignore the possibility for setback. When we attempt to operate in our own strength and fail to depend on the Spirit of God as our Guide and Power, we face disappointment. But, if we find ourselves...

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An Excerpt From My TEDx Talk

A life lived in isolation is a life lived short of its potential... If you could have anything in this world, and time, money, and distance, were no barrier, what would it be?  Before you answer that question, let me share a story.  In 2004, my brother-in-law, Wesley,...

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3 Ways to Address the “Never Enough” Mentality

What a monster. A ferocious, unrelenting, absolute disgusting beast. You know what I am talking about, right? Expectations, or, better yet, unrealistic expectations (which are sometimes actually realistic, but not communicated expectations, but that’s another day).

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1 Key to Success in Marriage for Law Enforcement Officers

Law enforcement officers spend countless hours training on use of force policy, learning indicators of deceptive behavior, and other beneficial lessons to be used on duty, but there are times those skills do not carry over into personal lives. Maybe it is because of...

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